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Rolling Jones – Designed for your busy life in the clothing business

Practical and transportable clothes rack

The folding clothes rack, Rolling Jones, is an indispensable tool for the traveling salesman. It is solidly built, easy to use, and there is enough space to take the entire collection with you to the customer or to a trade fair. The large rubber wheels are ideal for uneven surfaces such as cobblestones and gravel.

The stand has room for four of Hang On's collection bags, each of which can hold approx. 50 t-shirts or approx. 25 jackets. The Rolling Jones stand was developed by Hang On and is produced in Denmark.

Get your own logo on your Rolling Jones clothes rack

Customize your Rolling Jones clothes rack with your own logo and create a unique presentation of your company. With your logo printed on the stand, you not only get a practical tool to display your products, but also an effective way to strengthen your brand identity. Whether you're on your way to a customer meeting or attending a trade show, your logo on the clothing rack will signal professionalism and attention to detail.

With the option of adding your own logo, you get a tailor-made solution that fits your company's needs and image perfectly. Let your Rolling Jones clothes rack be more than just a practical tool - let it be a powerful tool to highlight your company's brand.
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Unique benefits

That's why you should choose Rolling Jones

Very robust

The Rolling Jones clothes rack is made entirely of high quality components. Therefore, the construction is exceptionally durable.

Can be loaded heavily

Due to the durable construction, the Rolling Jones can withstand plenty of weight.

Large rubber wheels

Drive on cobblestones and uneven surfaces with ease, thanks to the strong and reinforced rubber wheels.

Easy to carry

With the compact design and a weight of only 9.5 kilos, you can take it with you everywhere - Perfect for the traveling salesman or when you are going to a trade fair.

Easy handling

Rolling Jones is easy to unfold and fold again, which ensures easy transport and a complete user experience.

Made in Denmark

Rolling Jones is designed and built in Denmark - you can trust both the product's quality and our service.

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