Collection bags

Protection against dust and dirt

Our collection bags are designed to ensure that the clothes are kept clean and free of dust and dirt during transport. This is especially important if the collection has to be transported over long distances, carried in and out of a car, or brought to fairs or the like.

Organization and storage

The collection bags make it easier to organize and store the collection in a structured way, and it becomes easier and faster to pack your collection when you have to visit your customers, or go to a trade fair or to a fashion show.

Branding and presentation

The collection bags, in addition to being an indispensable, practical tool, can also function as a good way to brand your company or clothing brand.
At Hang On A/S, we can offer to print your logo on the bags, so that in this way you can do even more for potential customers to notice you and your company.

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Rolling Jones

Easy handling

The solid shoulder strap makes it easy to transport the collection bags, and if you need to carry several bags with you at a time, we recommend buying our foldable Rolling Jones clothes rack, which can hold up to 4 full collection bags.
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