Wooden hangers

With us, you will find everything from standard high-quality wooden hangers that will last many seasons to exclusive hangers, made according to special requests, we are very flexible when it comes to options and help you find the right hanger, whether it is black or not , white, natural colored or something completely 3.

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Hangers for both trousers and shirts, but also for jackets

Our wooden hangers are available in many different shapes. We have hangers for both trousers and shirts, but also for jackets. The hangers are made of high quality and are sent from Denmark, therefore we can guarantee a fast delivery. We have many different wooden hangers, so you can find exactly what you need. We have hangers in many different types of wood, and several metal colors for the clips.

Our Halifax range is FSC certified and by buying from the Halifax range you ensure that you are buying sustainable wooden hangers.

Our Bedford wooden hangers are rubber coated and therefore hold clothes much better than ordinary hangers, the rubber part ensures that the clothes do not slide off the wooden hanger.

For larger quantities, we are happy to print your logo on for a small additional price, so you can get a personalized hanger that perfectly matches your brand. The logo can be printed on in many different colours, contact us and we will be happy to help you find the right hanger!

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